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I’m Dr. Erin Schwartz, and I am an Art Historian currently living and working in Wenzhou, China. In addition to teaching a variety of classes at all levels at Wenzhou Kean University, I serve as the Coordinator of the Art History program. I’ve spearheaded the implementation of the new Art History minor at WKU.

As an Art Historian I specialize in Contemporary Arts, specifically from Africa and the African diaspora. But my research and personal interests span multiple cultures. At the core, I am interested in the experience of art, the expansion of art, and how we, as human beings communicate and connect through this uniquely human activity.

A project I’m working on currently with a research group at my university involves the use of virtual reality (VR) in art history education.

In addition to teaching, I also have provided writing and consultation services to artists helping them refine and articulate their aesthetic vision. This website is a way for me to connect with others who share similar professional interests and may wish to collaborate or contact me for consultation.

Disappearing Leonardo: Quick Take on the Salvator Mundi downgrade

There was much speculation that the buyer(s) may have questioned the attribution even immediately after purchasing and might have felt embarrassment over spending almost half a billion dollars on something that probably wasn’t worth it. Then the recent downgrade of the Gulf Mundi in the exhibition catalog by the Prado seems to confirm judgment that the work is not an authentic original.

If it’s a workshop piece instead of an original then its value is probably in the realm of about $1.5 million dollars.

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Erin Schwartz, PhD

At the Chicago Institute of Art, 2017