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ArtsUndone 05: I love the way your hurt me: A Conversation with Paula D. Ashe Arts Undone

Paula D. Ashe is a writer of dark fiction.  And I mean….dark.  In this episode we talk about what dark horror is, why we like it so much, and about agency, abjection, and the fact that safety is an illusion.  When one is confronted with the embodiment of experience, is self-mutilation an act of transgressive empowerment?  And why does Paula hate faces?   Paula's new book is entitled We Are Here To Hurt Each Other and is available on Amazon.  Paula can be found on twitter @pauladashe ——- ArtsUndone is a podcast and blog about all things art, including aesthetics, markets, and meanings.  Your host is Dr. Erin Schwartz Facebook: Instagram: @artsundone Twitter: @artsundone We have a discord server as well! NEW VIDEO CONTENT: A video version of this podcast will be made available on PATREON, join Patreon to gain access to exclusive materials, make suggestions on upcoming topics and much more!  MUSIC CREDIT: Song: Documentary, Music by Coma-Media from
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