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Arts Undone 03: Erin Patton McFarren Arts Undone

In this episode I interview artist Erin Patton McFarren. Erin Patton-McFarren is an artist and educator working in northeast Indiana. She studied art education and sculpture at the University of Saint Francis and earned her Masters in Library Science from Indiana University, specializing in educational media and arts reference.  Erin creates experimental cyanotypes with natural materials, primarily using the rivers and bodies of water near her home. She enjoys traveling to create site-specific work and is preparing work for two solo shows in the coming year. Erin Patton McFarren website:    Instagram: @epattonmcfarren Look for her upcoming solo exhibitions in 2022 at the ArtLink Gallery, Fort Wayne, IN (, and at the Marcia Evans Gallery ( in Columbus, OH.   ____________________________ Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay Find Arts Undone on Instagram: @artsundone Facebook: Online at: Special thanks to Tracy from the Harpy Hour Podcast:
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