Day of the Lepus: Hunt Slonem’s ‘Magnificent Menagerie’ exhibition.

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art hosted a small exhibition of paintings by contemporary, Neo-Expressionist, American painter, Hunt Slonem. (On display until March 8, 2015.) Slonem is known for his works exploring nature, and what he describes as “exotica,”  including images of butterflies and rabbits, for which he is probably best known. He began hisContinue reading “Day of the Lepus: Hunt Slonem’s ‘Magnificent Menagerie’ exhibition.”

Is the future of art Midwestern?

I came across a couple recent articles about artists leaving New York City because of crazy high real estate prices.  At some point (perhaps it’s already here) the benefits of being in the city will be completely undermined by the cost of living there. Where will they go?  The bigthink article (link below) points outContinue reading “Is the future of art Midwestern?”

Excitement, Art, and Potential at the Wunderkammer Company

The Wunderkammer Company hosted its two year anniversary celebration on January 10, 2015 in its 7,000 square foot art center and gallery in Fort Wayne.  This is an exciting and dynamic space helping bring life back into the Oakdale Historic District on the Southwest Side of the city.  If you were in the open spaceContinue reading “Excitement, Art, and Potential at the Wunderkammer Company”

Aesthetic Distance: Some thoughts on “Torn First Pages” from Amar Kanwar

What is Aesthetic Distance?  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, it is defined, in part, as: “the frame of reference that an artist creates by the use of technical devices in and around the work of art to differentiate it psychologically from reality.”  I find the implementation of devices to establish aesthetic distance by contemporary artistsContinue reading “Aesthetic Distance: Some thoughts on “Torn First Pages” from Amar Kanwar”

A Choice Selection: John Chamberlain’s “Choices” Show at the Guggenheim

As mentioned in a previous post, I attended the John Chamberlain show “Choices” at the Guggenheim.  (See the press release.)  Indiana-born Chamberlain was well regarded for his bringing the movement and energy of Abstract Expressionism into three-dimensions.  He brought color and texture into his works, violating some of the unwritten rules of Formalist sculpture whichContinue reading “A Choice Selection: John Chamberlain’s “Choices” Show at the Guggenheim”