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Summer 2023:

I’m leaving China in summer 2023. I’ll be relocating to the USA. Please stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, please see my current work on:

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July 10, 2021: Wenzhou Museum, Wenzhou, China.

As part of the  Encounter of Western Culture and Wenzhou Local Culture  lecture series, Dr. Schwartz will be presenting on the morning of June 19 at the Wenzhou Museum. Her topic will be on the evolution of Buddhist iconography from India to China, and will feature examples from the museum’s White Pagoda exhibit.

The Noble Path: The evolution of Buddhist iconography from India to China

Buddhism originated in India, but as it entered into China, the ideas, philosophies and images associated with the teachings of the Buddha were gradually adapted to Chinese culture. How did Buddhism become Chinese? What can the artifacts from the White Pagoda in Wenzhou tell us about the Sinification of Buddhism?

Title slide from the presentation
From the lecture recording at the Wenzhou Museum with the translator Xiang Bingling


Dr. Schwartz is conducting research into the following areas: Contemporary Art, Performance Spaces, Art Market, Commodity Culture, Aesthetics, Theories of Art and Criticism

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