Disappearing Leonardo: Quick Take on the Salvator Mundi downgrade

There was much speculation that the buyer(s) may have questioned the attribution even immediately after purchasing and might have felt embarrassment over spending almost half a billion dollars on something that probably wasn’t worth it. Then the recent downgrade of the Gulf Mundi in the exhibition catalog by the Prado seems to confirm judgment that the work is not an authentic original.

If it’s a workshop piece instead of an original then its value is probably in the realm of about $1.5 million dollars.

Sol LeWitt back on display in Spain

The Art Newspaper reports that the Botín Foundation will have several of conceptual artist, Sol LeWitt’s drawings installed in their galleries through early 2016.  Many of the works on display have not been installed anywhere since the 1970s. I think this is great news.  I’ve often thought LeWitt’s work was interesting and challenging in a wayContinue reading “Sol LeWitt back on display in Spain”

Some thoughts on New York City, or the Tragic Unfairness of Life

So now that I’ve had about a week to process my trip to NYC (by “process”, of course I mean catching up on all the work I didn’t do while I was gone) I thought I should probably start posting some things on Arts Undone.  So on tap for the very near future will beContinue reading “Some thoughts on New York City, or the Tragic Unfairness of Life”