Quick Update

This week:  Write ups on exhibits at the FWMoA, including Steve Sorman, Alexander Solomon, and Tobi Kahn.
Late April: I have actual, definitive plans to go to Indianapolis, write ups from the IMA will come after.
Questions: Do you listen to art-themed podcasts? Which ones? If you want that kind of podcast what kind of topics would you be most interested in? Artist interviews? Exhibition reviews? Educational/history themes? Factoids?
You probably have an idea what I’m thinking of doing based on those questions. I’d like to know what ArtsUndone audiences are interested in. Reply to this post, or tweet to me (@artsundone) or post on our facebook page, to let me know what you’re interested in.  If you prefer, use the contact form below.


Published by Dr. EMS

Art history professor and lover of all things contemporary arts. Teaching and living in Zhejiang province, China.

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